The Boldness

The Boldness broadcasts on Melbourne’s 3CR (855AM on your dial) at 6.30pm on the third and fifth (if there is one) Wednesday of every month.

boldness 2011

The idea is simple: World domination via the airwaves. Bold topics. Bold people. Bold radio. The title “The Boldness” is a reflection on the front often required by people with disabilities to get what they want; the boldness required to have what is rightly yours rather than waiting for someone to give it to you.

So tune in to hear our hosts discuss all manner of human rights with a disability bent. In the vein of the BBC’s ‘Ouch’ podcast, it’s funny, controversial and probably blasphemous. What else can you expect from a bunch of cripples?


This Wednesday the 29th of October at 6pm on 3CR

Tune in to The Boldness on Wednesday the 29th of Nov at 6pm on 3CR855am, or stream at

We will be speaking to Victoria’s Public Advocate,Colleen Pierce about the raising level of abuse against people with disabilities in Victorian group homes.

For those who plaintively complain “I can’t listen, I’m on Public Transport” or “I don’t own a Radio!” , you can listen vIa the Tunein app on your Smartphone & select 3CR. Despite all these ways to listen, it will also be available as a podcast soon after the show goes to air!