Media Production Services

Disability Media Australia (DMA) has extensive experience in video and radio production for the disability sector and offers a full suite of media production services on a fee for service basis. We have expertise in how to communicate messages about disability that are respectful yet entertaining and informative.

An example of one of our award-winning productions is below:

All our productions employ people with disabilities either in performance or production roles and are produced to the highest professional standards. If you would like to discuss your media production needs please contact our office for a quotation or to further develop your idea.


“Working with the team from Disability Media has been a pleasure. The process has been seamless and the end result indicates that the staff involved listened to our requirements as well as continuously giving their artistic and professional input. The end product really demonstrates that effective collaboration can lead to great outcomes.”

Sian Whalley – Community Relations Manager, Travellers Aid

“Through all stages of our project, Sarah and the team were consultative and very responsive to our needs. Women with disabilities were actively involved throughout all stages of the project, from writing the script to acting in the various roles in the depicted case scenarios. The entire process was very inclusive and empowering for the women involved. The DVD is now an excellent educational tool, targeting health workers in primary care and hospital settings providing information about the needs of women with disabilities. I would highly recommend Disability Media to anyone looking for an organisation with expertise in the field of media production and disability.”

Sharon Granek – Program Manager, Women with Disabilities Victoria