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Beyond the Barriers: Performers expression of interest

‘Beyond the Barriers’ is a theatre production to be staged at The Brunswick Mechanics Institute during The Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015.

In the vein of classic political sci-fiction, Beyond the Barriers is set in the not too distant future and explores and expands on issues of diminished personal privacy and governmental control.

Current social concerns about electronic monitoring, dependence on technology and social voyeurism through Reality TV are combined into a dark love story set in a futuristic prison show.

The producers, DramazingProductions and Platypus Theatre, have put on a string of successful productions over recent years including The Prince’s Quest (a premier event of the MidSumma Festival 2013); Bristleface (recipient of the Harold Mitchell Foundation’s arts funding award 2012); Matilda’s Project (Sponsored by Ceres Environmental Park and Collingwood Rotary); and Mill Boys (Sponsored by The Bendigo Bank, City of Yarra and City of Bunbury).

Beyond the Barriers aims to continue the producers’ history of presenting entertaining theatre involving topics of social importance. Themes of recent productions have included: children’s experience of diversity when living in underrepresented family configurations; marriage equality explored through musical fairytale; the personal struggles of workers in the timber industry in Australia; and hope and reconciliation for children rebuilding their lives after losing family members.

Beyond the Barriers will also continue the producers’ effort to engage communities in theatre- such as residents of the Collingwood Public Housing Estate and members of Melbourne’s Gay and Lesbian communities involved in past productions.

Expected audition dates: Mid-Feb – Early March.

Expected rehearsal schedule: Tuesday nights 7-9pm. April to September.Sundays closer to the performance dates.

Performance dates: Saturday 26 September-Saturday 3 October (excluding Monday 28 September). Evening performances with exact time to be confirmed with venue.

Payment arrangement: Profit share arrangement based on % of takings weighted on size of the role, according to the Equity Coop Theatre Contract.

Character descriptions

Quill – Approx 30 years old. Educated, intelligent middle class professional who has never really thought about or questioned the world outside her loving relationship and is now way out of her depth. Quill is totally lost and devastated by being separated from her wife and naively trusts in her innocence. She is fiercely protective and determined to get her back and acts impulsively, with only this goal in mind. (5 scenes)

Eden – Approx 30. Educated, middle class professional with a beautiful voice who is completely in love with Quill. Within the 9 year relationship she has always been gentle, loving, funny, sweet, and reflective. She is constantly singing sweet and calming tunes. But when triggered by her father becomes an impulsively violent killer without remorse who is quite mad and unpredictable. (3 scenes)

Nova – 30-45. Attractive, maternal, sardonic woman. She is working class, but intelligent and selectively educated by the system so as to present well enough to the elite upper class she works as escort to. She is bitter about her assigned career and the loss of her deep love with working class boyfriend Jimmy, hates and mistrusts the system, but has all but given up on life outside the prison too. (4 scenes doubles as character Bones)

Bones – 40+.Middle class woman.In the prison for 13 years under terrible conditions. Starved, neglected and subjected to automated programming designed to break the spirit, she’s forgotten the outside world, herself and is a shell of a person. She both loved and hated Casper, the only other person in her world as she was both companion and competitor. Talking to Quill helps her to remember some of her humanity.

Bianca – late 20s. Attractive, highly sexed, middle class art gallery manager.A great believer in fine art and beauty. A supporter of the systems use of prisoners as entertainment, she never imagined herself as someone who would be part of it for her mistake in judgement over displaying an anti government art piece. Although not enjoying her incarceration, she is in some way secretly enjoying the attention and the idea of herself as a rebel. (4 scenes doubles as second character Casper)

Teag – 20-40. Predatory and aggressive, tough working class woman. She deals with her incarceration by objectifying, bullying, torturing and sexually abusing more vulnerable girls. She is not intelligent or strong enough to lead the cell, and happily submits to being Cane’s second.

Cane – 30s.Highly intelligent middle class woman who was part of plotting an overthrowing of the system for which she was arrested.Both physically and mentally strong which is how she has become the leader of her division.While she rages at her incarceration on lower prisoners, her only focus is on her mission, and the hope that she will be liberated by other Rebels when the government is overthrown. (1 scene)

Del – 20s.Small, frightened, weak, defeated middle class girl. Originally naive, impulsive, and thoughtless Del was arrested for a very minor crime. During her first week in Division A, she stupidly stormed into division B during a verbal fight with another prisoner. Now she is haunted by her mistake. Trapped at the mercy of a violently aggressive sexually predator and enduring daily abuse, has completely broken her spirit and she does nothing to make her conditions any worse, submitting to the abusers she despises. Deeply depressed and hopeless, she focuses only on the day her abusers will time out and she will have peace. (1 scene)

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity, please contact us to organise a time to discuss the project.

Yours sincerely,

Previous Projects

The Prince’s Quest (January 2013) – A pantomime comedy musical about same-sex marriage set in a fairytale kingdom. This production featured as a premier event of the MidSumma Festival, and was staged at the Northcote Town Hall.

Bristleface (September 2012) – Youth theatre production at The Collingwood Underground Theatre written to engage and provide opportunity for young people from the Collingwood Housing Community to become involved in theatre, song, and puppet making in a supportive environment with mentoring by experienced child actors. Sponsored by The Harold Mitchell Foundation, Bendigo Bank and Austage.

Matilda’s Project (January 2012) – Educational children’s theatre production performed at CERES Learning Centre, which promoted the notion of family diversity and inclusivity. The producer’s profits were then put towards creating an e-book & teaching resource pack for schools. Sponsored by Ceres Environmental Park & Collingwood Rotary.

Mill Boys (September 2011) – Play performed at The Collingwood Underground Theatre which provided community support by engaging and donating funds to the Collingwood Housing Estate ‘Men’s Shed’ group. Sponsored by The Bendigo Bank, Collingwood Rotary, Xax Apparel, City of Yarra and City of Bunbury among others.


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